Monday, September 29, 2008

Another 29th Sept.
A year older. Now forty-four.
A nice, round number. No hard edges, unlike 43.
43 is brash-angular, with sharp edges. Wannabe. Defiant.
Drama. Screeching violins. Thunder storms.
Sums up the last year. The last decade.
Now the housekeepin’s done.

44? I’ll figure out. By and by.
Stillness. Peace.
An equipoise kind of peace, know that one?
That’s the mantra. Next ten years.

The fine wrinkles, the silver, the laugh lines- a toast.
Peach-orange tint to a morning.
A solitary star pinned to the night sky.

Shushing greens.
A dog that rushes to greet.

A handmade gift from someone precious.
That 5 am tea from the parent.
Gift me the eyes to see.


JW said...

Happy Birthday Ma'am. May you have many more!

Anonymous said...

Alles, alles Gute für Dich!

Es ist ein Geschenk Dir im Netz begegnet zu sein und durch Deine Texte auf die Welt blicken zu dürfen.
Ich wünsche Dir heitere Gelassenheit und das im Leben nötige Quäntchen Glück!
Ad multos annos, austere.

It is a gift to have met You on the web, and to be allowed to have a look at the world by your texts.
I wish for you serene placidness and the necessary touch of luck we all need in live.
For many years to come austere!

Phantasmagoria said...

Happy, happy day. Happy, happy year. May there be many happy discoveries. :)

austere said...

jw- Thank you.

mago the magician- Thank you!Privileged to know you. Window t a new world.

ph- Thank you. I hope so too, and touch wood.

manuscrypts said...

a very happy budday to you :)

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Many happy returns of the day :) the signal was so bad here that I couldnt even hear you ...

Aust...But one doubt... you turned 40 when I joined college na... so that should be 50 now na? phir 44 kaise? :P :P

Have an awesome year ahead and continue to be the only commenter on my blog :P

AmitL said...

Ooh la la..No wonder there were no posts for 4 days-you were celebrating the bday.!!Happy,happy Birthday to you,Austy!Yea-44 is a nice figure- a lucky one,I'd say,for when I reach it,coz 4's my lucky no.:)
Very nice last para..specially the 'peach-orange tint to a morning'.And,what was the 'handmade gift',if it's not too pvt?
Have a lovely year!And,many more to come.

Anonymous said...

very very happy birthday. lovely co-incidence that we're both librans - the best of all the signs. i wish for you many great years and happiness.

PipeTobacco said...


Wishing you a very beautiful and joyous birthday for a truly joyous and beautiful person!


mystic rose said...

and the heart to discern, hold. :)

Many affectionate wishes.

AmitL said...

Incidentally,not too far for me to go to reach there..haha:)

Anonymous said...

Dh yeah! How nice that I have stayed up late, taken a moment to come visit and come to find out it is your birthday! I knew I had to come login and blog tonight, this must have been the reason!!!!! :>

At forty-four you look smashing Darling! Bright as whip, if only to judge you by your words.

Big hug and a smile for you dear! Like Mago, I am so fortunate that we have had this opportunity to interact within each other's lives!

Look at me, getting carried away with all these exclamation marks (sigh).

Hope your day was wonderful and the rest of the week follows suit.


Arunima said...

Birthday wishes to you.

You are so nice and wise.

Epiphany said...

Got here from Manu's blog...belated b'day wishes!

austere said...

epiphany- Thank you! Will drop by.

arunima- me? ha ha. wait,just you wait.

proximaaaaa- DELIGHTED! Missed ya. Where be you? You been a blessing, and your trademark positive energy a salve.

amit- just you wait... long way, I know. The logic is anything has to be better than the 3 woe's. The handmade gift was a coffee cake that my aunty (ex-landlady) baked for me, even though she's been ill. :)

mystic- lovely! perfect! I knew something was missing. :) TY.

sathya- (glare)Actually techwiz you took forever n so long to finish college what do to! by the time you're done with this prestigious B school I'll be doddering wid ole age.

manuji- thankyouz

PT- Thank you, sir.

Norrbu- Well, in balance yes, when dissed, no. But then you have the calmness advantage, genetic? Sangham Sharanam gacchami.

burf said...


mystic rose said...

Nothing was missing. That was my wish for you, even though you already do have it. :)

mystic rose said...

Hope you had a lovely day kid.

Quin Browne said...

is there tea and cake left? happiest of birthdays (belated) to someone who has given me a new way of looking at various parts of life. 44 is a wonderful number... it is written with open top on the number, so that you may catch all the goodness of the year.

tell the parent, well done!

austere said...

Quin- that's the nicest interpretation of the ancient prayer, may good things and good thoughts be showered upon you..Cake and masala chai, zipzapzoomed your way.:)

mystic- heh. KID? silver strand one, strand 2...But yes, I did, thank you.
And thank you for the wish, direct delivery from the cosmos.

crab said...

My belated wishes Ben.. and a hug :-)... and may you have a wonderful wonderful year ahead - crab

Baby Island said...

I missed it and here I was wrapped up on baby island. Many many happy returns. I told Paige just now that we have a friend far off in Mumbai who just had a birthday, and she said in her 3.5 way, "I LOVE MY FRIEND IN MUMBAI". So there, That should make up for my absence :)

MUAH from the new island.

austere said...

babyisland- Thank you. And a big kiss and chocolate cake for the darlin. All of dem. :)

crabbie- thank you, thank you. :) Delighted.


Happy Belated Birthday Dear Austie...You have such a young spirit! I'd have said you were about 30 with knowledge of a woman that carries her legs on a fifty year old body..

Good birthday I hope, sorry I'm late! :)


Portia said...

I knew being gone so long I would miss something important, and so I did, so I'm sorry. I send MANY happy wishes for you through the next year! Hope that peace is with you.