Monday, September 15, 2008

Too much drama for one day. I’m referring to the index seesaw which was better post afternoon, read govt pressure. Real jobs and real money gone in a blink of an eye. No Lehman. No Merrill. What happens to BRIC now?

Just when one had come to terms with the horror in Delhi. One more city, same strategy-bomb and fear- escalating anger, a dirty visceral anger. Keep that paperwork ready, already.

You recall the dancing crowds yesterday, escorting the Idols to the sea. They’re dressed in orange t-shirts, swaying not to a bollywood number or a prayer, but to an anthem praising a party’s might. Scary.

And you think of the gentle rain falling, the twinkling lights, how lush the grass is no matter what- and try to get on with your day.


PipeTobacco said...


So powerfully written! The index seesaw is, I believe, meant to keep us regular folks off balance while the elite steal our meager possessions. The horror in Delhi is indeed tragic. How does one endure?


manuscrypts said...

and the laymen get shocked.. then move on :|

Anonymous said...

Man creates havoc against man. With bombs and physical violence, with money and economical pressure, un-touchable un-grabable, with promises of a "better".
We can look and try to see.

Sathya said...

Aust... whats your guess on who will be the last man standing? GS?(if BRIC has to remain a term :P)


norrbu said...

all these are complex but an absolute thrill to study and predict, assuming that economic instruments are in perfect working order.

after all, we can always add weights one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

"Have you seen delicate leaves holding up a grey sky?"

No yaar. I came pretty close yesterday when it rained so much. But like all love, it was short lived.

burf said...

who won then?

nature or humans?

AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-that was a nice link..though it displayed the horrors of the day!!
The horror in Delhi-arghh!!And,equally bad,the commercialization of the whole 'show' by the media.
The Ganesh Visarjan description painted a vivid pic...but,the anthem-was that really so?Unbelievable.

Ricercar said...

suddenly everything seems so dismal and sad

austere said...

Ricer- this too will pass. But hurt there will be. Randomness is a feature of the markets, as is risk- I guess collective amnesia? Maybe there is a lesson in it for me- in coping.

amit- yes, it was so, set to a peppy beat, I was taken aback.

burf- haven't figured it out. tell me. :)

norrbu- if you saw, that is enough. to start with. :)

and all the weights went haywire, as they do now and then. We all forgot the missing factor.and that a hag with makeup and gucci is still a hag.

sathya- you think so? what wd have prevented them gambling in some obscure instrument,off bal sheet? BRIC will go poof, to the sound of house of cards crashing.

mago- yes, true. but the magnitude and the multiplicity of fronts puts me to standstill, too much happening.

manu- depends. how much they lost.

PT- Endure one must.The terrorists had codenamed it operation BAD for bangalore, ahmedabad, delhi- they've finished their job. When will the US stop funding this blood money?

We have no social security, health insurance or unemployment benefits- so people save starting day one. Then they lose their shirt.

sathya said...

guess what along with all these crashes goes my summers :((

shooting star said...

its a crazy world..and soetimes things happening so fast makes me dizzy!!!

Anonymous said...

I say :
God made men, Men made boundaries

austere said...

sathyabhai- try a bricks and mortar company?

shootingstar- I'm catching my breath too. Loved your Dharamsala pics.

Hobo- kya kiya jaye?