Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A day of uncomfortable surprises.
Arm twisting over a mugshot.
A classmate from 1989 chances upon the blog. And identifies.
Here was I, writing about sunsets and blue skies.
Wonder what next, trouble comes in threes.
The bailout?


manuscrypts said...

but you never write personal stuff, so whats the worry?
the bailout is anyway ill fated, so i guess thats it..
and then come the good times :)

Anonymous said...

"No worries, the fix is in."
That is what the godfather would say.
A mugshot? Hm, just sayin' ... :)

mystic rose said...

how identifies? a blog is so abstract, unless it has some personal details. Are they very surprised at how you've changed? :)

Quin Browne said...

don't say bailout too loud.

i am massively concerned about my country's future... i joke about getting a wheel barrow in order to carry the cash necessary to buy bread soon, but, it happened before...

austere said...

quin..fingers crossed. Paper wont become pristine just because its parked.

mystic- I think it was the two cities mentioned in the profile, and the Sept end b'day. Twenty years ago he used to call me "babes"- he still does, as incorrigible. I guess I'll keep writing about the price of brinjals and concocting curry blends for a little while.

mago- yup. How I hate being photographed. Tend to frown or glare, or maybe hide,a spec in the last row in a group photo. This was terrible.

Manuji- oh but I do. Storms and whirlwinds in the margins. Starry skies too. :)

burf said...

a non-virtual party?

AmitL said...

hehe..Austy-mention of two cities,wouldn't really give anyone a big clue(Read ur reply to Mystic's comments)..but,yes,your writing style must have been as distinctive then as it is now,and that must've given him the clue.:)Good na?I wouldn't think there's anything to worry about.But,yes,the worry about the bailout-that's there!I'm sure Bush will find a way-maybe a small incursion into some country,to divert attention,tanks and fighter planes and all?

San said...

wow your writing style must be pretty distinctive for someone to have figured out an anonymous bloggers truth.

austere said...

san- its possible he stumbled, or maybe someone I trusted told him. :) Not to do with the writing, what stilted writing does one do for a marketing degree?

amit- not another war, not another set of WMD's- anyone remember that?

burf- uh- huh. Not a party gal. :)


the mask of an identity removed, makes me feel for Clark Kent and Lois Lane--but they could assume both roles.

Bad example I know, but there will be good I'm sure from the recognition..if anything, past has been reintroduced to your present..
maybe your friendship will carry to the future!