Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blush. Duh. I have me an award.

Drumroll… or something.

In the spirit of graciousness that Manujee conferred this award, I bequeath-

Mago the magician, for opening up a pandora’s box of people and places

Quin’s fmd, for being what she is, just quin!

Babyisland, and the three leeetle ones on an island someplace

Supermom Crustybeef

Portia who grooves on, so she does, and the great art hidden someplace in the archives.

Amit scintillates (when he’s not copy-pasting, that is.)

Paulo the wise, for making me think.



awwwwwwww, Austieeeeeeeeee!!

you are amazing!
Thank you!!

Crusty~ :) your friend always.

norrbu said...

thats great. you're postings are very lyrical. i like them despite being a sucker for conclusive conclusions. very dickens like.

Anonymous said...

you've just been awarded/reawarded. check this out:

Portia said...

Oh my! Congratulations, it is much deserved. And thank you SO very much.. I am completely flattered.

Was popping in just to say HI when I was so delightfully surprised. Hope to get back soon to really catch up...

ciao for now:)

RBC said...

Hey, congratulations! what's this award? Post a link to it, do!

RBC said...
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AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-heey,congrats on the award.:)

And,thanks for bequeathing it to me..albeit,only when I'm not copy-pasting.:)Well,I just listed out about 30 topics I want to write on,so,u can look fwd to that,perhaps.:)(BTW,posted kal raat ko)

Arunima said...

congratulations! :-)

I also got but I think it is because I blogged about not getting one.

PQ said...

Badhai ho badhai!!! U'r blog is flooded with awards :-)...u r quite an inspiration and everytime I visit u'r blog, I leave with a smile :-)

austere said...

pq- thankyouz. Sometimes only I write dreary.

arunima- big congrats. I've loved reading your page.

amit-:) bahoot gana gaya sirji...

rbc- bloglub! we are (only) awarding ourselves these badges of honor.

portia- rise, O Lady Portia...

Norrbu- thankyouz..Arundhati like/ Dickens like? :) Am sure all of them must be shuddering in their collective mindspace.

crusty- YOU deserve it. Every bit.

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

And I dont get any mention :((


austere said...

Sorry. my bad.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for being late in the line. You deserve this award, yes you do.
Excuse me please, it's late in the night or better early in the morning and I'm tired. Your writing sometimes is the only reason to start that machine. With few words you paint, evoce (hervorrufen, evocare) a picture, give an impression of something you saw and make your reader see and feel. That is art. It flows directly out of your life. I thank you for that.

austere said...

As someone once said- I try.
Thank you.