Thursday, September 04, 2008

TOI, for long a rule unto itself, has found a formidable opponent in twilight fairy.
Yes, she knows its a tough battle.

Read on:

Hey all,

Recently a picture of mine, under "all rights reserved" license was used by
TOI in one of its supplements, dated 18th July
without my permission and without giving me any form of credit or

I contacted the editor on phone as well as mail, politely asking for
compensation and credit and what I got was a "take this or sue me" attitude
and no concern for the fact that what they did was illegal, not to forget

Apart from other things that I'll do, as a blogger, the best I can do is
write about it and make sure that everyone knows that such a thing is being

If any journalist here is interested in publishing this as a story, please
do. I know of several such copyright violation cases now and a cumulative
would be even more powerful an article.

If any lawyer would like to get in touch with me, please contact me at
twilightfairy at gmail dot com.

Here's her account :
http://blog. twilightfairy. in/2008/09/ 01/toi-believes- flickr-is- for-flicking/


Twilight Fairy said...

austy, didnt know you are in creativegarh as well :)

norrbu said...

very unethical on TOI's part. Could contacting a TOI competitor, say the hindustan times help? They might enjoy berating TOI.

Portia said...

that is too common. she's handling it well, best wishes through the battle!

austere said...

twilite- I lurk. :)

Norrbu- They do the same!

Portia- Yes, uphill all the way.


I hope the matter is solved and there is some compensation..

disrespect at the highest form I think.