Monday, September 01, 2008

A traffic jam on the over bridge, an hour from east to west; a gentle breeze touches the pipal canopy etched against the just-about orange sky as a truck trailer carries an oversized Ganpati home, escorted by a gleeful orange bandana and T contingent.

The Worli- Bandra bridge cuts across, a ribbon spanning the sea; just ahead in silhouette is a 34-storeyed apartment under construction, the arm of the crane juts out like a black palm holding a golden sky. “Three to five years, sorry,” I mumble, looking at the golden orb dip in the distant ocean.


manuscrypts said...

what we need is a bridge over time :)

abbagirl74 said...

No need for pictures. You describe it so well.

AmitL said...

Ah,the Ganesh Chaturthi traffic jam-this is one time I never mind being stuck in traffic,when in Baroda.Hopefully next year.Will watch the news today,to see the celebrations.
Wow to the description of the arm of the crame jutting out like a black palm holding a golden sky..I wonder what you'd write,on seeing the Dubai skyline-sometimes,all I can see above a few stories is these cranes..complete communities of cranes,in fact-and,I don't have to 'crane me neck' to see them.:)Lovely description,Austy,as always.

crab said...

hi there Ben... just to greet u on ganesh chaturthi ...and hope u have a good day today :)

austere said...


crabbiekins- likewise. :)Modak?

amit-touchwood. festival times and something's special in the air. D'bai? Perhaps the traffic would enthrall, squealing tyres and all- maybe the silouhette glass towers and golden lights. :)

abbagal- :) ty

manuji- yep. and the parent built one such, from the time the tram terminal was right there, buggies too, and the bridge a distant dream.

Paavani said...

Hey hey
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!!!

I was in Bombay recently. and thankfully avoided the traffic.

crab said...

yes pls..thankie thankie @modak :).. lekin loads of blessings and wishes bhi chahiye humko :)