Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This isn’t a nice post.
Look how quickly things get over.
Pieces of jute string and a diya at the gate.
A grieving family.
How suddenly things happen.
When she’s gone, what is left?
She had such a good heart, everybody says.
I pay my respects and go back. Sort of close family, but not quite.
We spend so much time and effort in acquiring things, striving- and its over in an instant.


norrbu said...

may be we enjoy acquiring things, and racing to keep pace or beat the rest.

burf said...

it's surprising how things happening in an instant beat those happening over time

Anonymous said...

I do not know what is left. Hopefully something.


simple one word: tragic

AmitL said...

Good heavens,Austy,that was startling..and,quite a revelation-yes,and,that's the reason i feel one should take a break/slow down one's hectic pace of never know what might happen,and long as things are running fine,all's well...this friend of mine,was feeling breathless after every few minutes of walking-turned out,he had water in lungs,high BP,high sugar and some veins blocked..he's just gone back to India for treatment...that's what had set me off on this thought process last week.Sigh.

austere said...

Thank you for your responses.