Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not much seemed to have changed at the hotel in the capital- it was quite tranquil, life as usual, wheelers-dealers and sundry poltis ambled in quite unconcerned, the buzz just as loud, security just as lax. The image of alert security men at the check in counter for El Al, the Israeli Airline comes to mind. Just two days after the blasts, and where are we?

A stretch limo for the man who let the Kosi rage. Nice.

The trees. Almost like a forest. Branches unpruned, intertwined and growing any which way. That thick undergrowth. Right in the city. Envy that. WhycantwehavetreeslikethatinMumbai.

This market’s giving me the blues.


manuscrypts said...

human and tree growth are increasingly becoming inversely proportional, me thinks

Anonymous said...

God knowns.

Arunima said...

"the buzz just as loud, security just as lax" liked this.

AmitL said...

Yep,we've become immune to these situations,I guess!!
Ah,the trees in Delhi-I envy them,too..even though Baroda's not too far behind with it's 'Vad' trees.:)

Sathya said...

Delhi has a good number of greens and much wider roads :(

But hows the weather there now ... cold already?


sathya said...

oops forgot to ask... whom was the stretch limo for?

austere said...

Sathya- The Nepal Premier, Mr Prachanda.And I was in the prettier parts- the diplomatic enclave, Akbar Rd, etc.

Amit- those look like untouched forests, the only thing that comes close is parts of the Palace grounds.

arunima: :) Now they've caught someone, probably unconnected knowing our agencies.

hobo- right.

manuji- yes. that's a showcase. bglore also nice trees once upon a time, me thinks.