Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yesterday L, a colleague, handed me a book, memoirs with Vimala Thaker.
Profound, he said.
It was written in high caliber gujarati that had me asleep in ten minutes.

Totally profound.


Portia said...

:) a good one for those mornings which are found awake too early and fretting?

PipeTobacco said...

Wonderful Austere:

If you are interested in reading a newish novel I discovered that I am finding utterly compelling and difficult to put down, give this one a try:

"Intuition" by Allegra Goodman. For some reason, the author (I heard her on an NPR interview on the radio) reminds me of my mental image of you... graceful, charming, well spoken, articulate... and the subject matter is one I suspect you will find interesting.

I miss having you visit my site as much as before. Please consider coming back.

Again, thank you!


Anonymous said...

I recently heard about a research finding that said yawning is a way for the brain to cool off and so when someone is yawning at you, it is not necessarily that you are boring then, but theat you are stimulating them. I think it might be a mixture of both. Thinking too hard can get a bit tiresome and boring if prolonged for too long because it's hard to maintain focus.

I wonder if the Dali Lama yawns a lot. ha,ha,ha.

Still trying to catch your breath? Hope things will settle down and give you a break soon.



at least you can thank them for assisting you with as my son Jack puts it, "catched up on the sleep."

Perhaps Portia's book would keep you awake at all hours..it sounds like a great book!!
Hope that you're having a really good day today.

austere said...

portia - then I'd sleep all morning and never get in to work, let alone the cooking. :)

PT- that's a lovely compliment, many thanks! Will check on the book and return to reading and commenting, as long as you do so, too. Fair's fair.

proxima-dalai lama? we should write to him and ask him. he does have the sweetest smile though. I guess I was just tired.

crusty- catched up with sleep. eh. one smart kid there. yesterday was somewhat ok. it is so good to have you here, and you comment whether or not I've written. I so truly appreciate that. sometimes I think if it werent for the blog and all of you, i'd be a pretty shade of dark blue by now. thank you.