Monday, August 20, 2007

Nothing remarkable happened yesterday. Words, Casablanca and a food experiment with palak paratha and mint coriander chutney.
Yes, the movie was from a flimsy street-bought CD someone had given me a long time back. I had not expected it to work at all, so it was a surprise. How the brain craves these “oh really!” upticks.

The sea glitters as you soar past the flyover that just touches marine lines when it ends.
A solitary boat bobs in the shimmering peach and blue waters off Haji Ali. A bird, perchance a seagull flies off the oriental pergola of sagar mahal, which stands sharply etched against the colored waves and the far horizon. Ah life!

For long, you’ve been uneasy, watching the weight whittle even as you ply him with simple, nutritious home cooked food and soups. For every drop in the levels, you’ve added on kilos, fretting. Should know one way or another by the weekend. Is knowing better? I don’t know. The doc is the absolute best in this area, about 60 people from distant towns were waiting in the consulting room. So many people, so many problems, one life!


Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Laptop aa gayi!!!!!!!

Really happpppy.........

Portia said...

i love that bit in a little vacation for my mind.

i don't know if knowing is better. but i am thinking of you often, sending love, good vibes, paryers, however you say it best.

Anonymous said...

I like to know. I don't take a doctor's words as absolute truth though, there is always room for anomalies. We make do the best we can and try to provide them the most amount of peace possible.

Forget pomp and circumstance, listen to your heart. Everyone has advice, but it's up to you to take it or reject it.


soleil said...

ghana divas thi vaat nathi thayi. kaam to jaane pattuj nathi. ane patva aave to karva ni ichcha nathi thati...lambaya kare che vagar karan. kher. papa ni tabiyat ni chinta che ke? online malo tyare vigate vaat kariye. baaki, sending all the positive vibes that i can. thinking about you. :)

mystic rose said...

one many problems!

yesteday sounds good. I could do with such a day.

It is hard, worrying about a love done. and even tho we know it is inevitable, it still doesnt take away the pain of it.
take care!

austere said...

thanks, all.

AmitL said...

Hi,there...'my experiments with truth,nee,palak paratha'seems to be a nice idea. Re the last paragraph,here's wishing and praying for the have to keep your strength up,definitely. So rightly said,'so many people,so many problems,one life' true.Take Care.

austere said...

ty, amit.

abbagirl74 said...

Casablanca is one of my favorite movies!

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

yesterday landed at your page and without even seeing the contents of the post, so impertinently commented and vanished...

Like all others, sending across best wishes for your father's good health.


Renie said...

Hi, please add your blog to our new directory of Indian Blogs and pick up an

Indiblogger badge, thanks!


I hope dad gets difficult it is being the caretaker..sometimes hardest on them, than the person that's ill.
Beautiful breathful piece in between..what Portia said, it was a great break inbetween.
I hope you have a good day!
Did you ever find out the other austere S with the tickets?

Anonymous said...

Is knowing better?

In the end, summarizing all, yes. Knowing hopefully means understanding and gives the chance of doing. Things happen anyway, but we have the chance to make things easier, more bearable.

austere said...

renie- I did. thanks.

crusty- I'd be glad to have a diagnosis. yes, it can be worse splly if one has some kind of understanding of the possibilities and the course of the illness. Good thing that degree is rusty. :). Am looking for their phone numbers online, no luck yet.

mago- maybe you have a point. I'm great at the ostrich head-in-the sand gesture. avoidance is my second name.

abbagal- so beautifully shot, and crisp clean cut dialogue. the rogue cd worked.. GWTW is next.

sathya-understand. when I got mine I warily stared at the screen for five full minutes. :)