Monday, August 06, 2007

those red and blue lines, the markets...
And where will you go today m’love?
Last few months, I’ve watched you zip and zoom the blue line marching on, when, matter of fact, you ought to be dipping a tiny bit. Catching your breath a bit on every stratospheric increase. But on and on you went, adrenalin charged. A different beat.
A rumble in far away China, something to do with stamp paper? But no.
A trade built on a house of cards,energy whatchacallits, reminds me of playing with make-believe paper money as a kid, you print more as you go along. but no.
but subprime lending? Who in their right minds would lend on the back of nothing? Not the stodgy neighhourhood bank, not the flashy private one, the government wouldn’t allow it. Why didn’t they step in earlier? RBI would have, quick and early on, threatening blue murder and brimstone, so why didn’t the Fed? they were being nice because next year is election year? And for crying out aloud slicing debt into pieces like it was a salad you were making and marketing this to hedgies? Las Vegas, anyone? I scold myself- real men, good brains, real money. What the…
And a tanking $ that punishes performance. It was 46 to the dollar not so long ago, now it is 40. You do well internationally and it shows up as pathetic, just because you are now multiplying by a different number. Life’s not fair. Scott Peck said that first.
So where will you go today, m’love?


:::LL::: said...

didn't know the stock market could be written about so eloquently :)

hope we are all heading for the better!

:::LL::: said...

oh you hurt you back? how be you now???


I think in all the years I've learned about mathmatics -and I'm not a fan-you're the first to make sense of it all. :)
I hope the mlove will fair fine!:)

Portia said...

"the love of money is the root of all evil" in searching for the source of this trite quote (which is evidently the Bible) i found a blog that debates the point...but i still say, at the least, money is evil. of course this is all human nature, both evil and the need for currency. so then why is our own nature against us?

Anonymous said...

Is money evil? What is money? Money is a promise in the future, it is a possibility, chances. In this way it is "open", false or true, lie or truth ... It is a commodity like anything else, a toy - and the bloody bare necessesity you need to survive.
I have no idea about the lines, the markets and do not understand mathematics. I only know that I need money to buy things and can not play with it around.

Soleil said...

pelu voice of india ahi thi link follow kari joyu..and then sa re ga ma pa pan. im addicted!

friendship day ahi na kare...bhulij gayi ti! tya this phone aavya tyare yaad aayu. ouch. divas saro? tabiyat?

Anonymous said...

Funny, I was thinking the same stuff earlier today. You must have been pondering on it so hard I hear it over here. Okay, so maybe it was just watching a CNN report, but I still felt a nudging and thought of you while watching it. :)


austere said...

Proxima- WOO HOO. Since Seattle and Delhi are on exactly opposite ends of the earth, the thoughts made a tunnel and escaped to the other side, to MSFT geektown.

LOOK WHO’S HERE.. all the way fm Zurich, if you please HOW ARE YOU Llji? Stock mkt is giving me scares, as you can see. Not too bad, not too good re the back.

Crusty- its numbers, but just about; then its drama, greed, hope against hope, hype- upscale super hype, human nature, history and trendlines, and turning a blind eye and a teeny bit of laziness and whatnot…all random,all interconnected, a butterfly flaps its wings one corner of the earth something happens distance away-all incomprehensible but once you bite the bait, you’re lured on, ensnared

Portia-it is a madness, I agree. It is human nature, and demand-supply and reward and Darwinian too, “ I am better than you are” someplace.

Mago- inherently not evil- a thing, a necessity, a tradeoff. It is beyond commerce, it is attributes; it is also freedom and choice and like Mr Buffet you can give it away, it is also high drama and emotion and marks you give yourself in the test of life. A nasha, an intoxication- maybe a timepass for something that is not there, but this holds you in rapt attention until then.

Soleil- the program is super, last week’s show not so great pan. Tabiyet- chaley, not hot not awful


I like that, the way you put it about butterflies and wings..I hope things settle down..

kids play money-ahhhh,..brings back the days that my sisters and I would sit for hours at my parents little kitchen table playing "bank"

Portia said...

i hope you're well, dry, and your back is healing..


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you post your expression number? I wanted to know what it had to say about you/3. There are two numbers that I personally consider really important. Three and seven(I know,I know, they are also historically and religiously significant as well). I got one and you got the other, so I wanted to see what it said.

Oh, well.
Take Care,

austere said...

crusty- all be well, just a bit of a block, dont quite know what to write..hopefully, will, today.

portia- :) Yes! all is fine. just thinking and thinking

proxima- was uncanny. quite quite on the dot. any more shakin and I'll be a bag o'bones. :)

AmitL said...

hehe..Austy,out here,too,the 'into 12' is nowadays'into 11'..:)Of course,salaries of Indians in America have dipped much more..with the dollar now down to 40.Just another phase.