Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thank you, Portia!
* thinking up Oscar style speech*
This Writer's blog is where it all began.


AmitL said...

Hi,Austy-will visit the award site,now...btw,I edited that post..mentioned you,too,without reading the comment..grin.Please visit and comment again.

Portia said...

yes! it belongs here.
i hadn't seen the source yet, thanks for the link :)

mystic rose said...

congratulations! :D

austere said...

amit- lukkhabhai, doing copycutpaste posts wonly. grr..

portia- ty. :) honored

mystic- ty :)


many many congratulations to you Austere!! You deserve it..your writing is breathful and wonderful to read.
have a good weekend.

austere said...

crusty- ty. breathful is a lovely word...

Anonymous said...

You certainly inspire me in many ways.

soleil said...

yay! taali taali taali.
i agree, completely.
i know, im influenced, totally.

austere said...

proxima, soleil: ty, ty. the admiration is mutual. :)