Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It is not a language that I read aloud in, usually.
So the words jumble up in places, speed up at will, and come to a sudden halt.
Much like the train that runs to my village back home, stop, move, stop.
It is quite funny once it stops being irritating.
That was on the first day.
The second day is surprisingly smooth. Jet smooth.
A transference of the goodness and strength from the book? I’m still surprised.

The hill in the distance is covered in darkest green, veiled over with whiffs of cloud , you draw a sharp breath and remind yourself, yes, this is Mumbai.


Portia said...

it is amazing how much is within our minds...what simple written words can do.

i can almost see the view:)


ahhhhhhh, I can tell you've had time to take your breaths!! I love the way you explained the train with the words..beautiful!
Here's hoping that things stay calm for you!! :)

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Bangalore too is looking good in the rains... Me missing Mangalore rains and the greenery and the rained beaches :((


mystic rose said...

i knew u would like the book.. :)

but now u will have to look for something else as a sleep aid.

austere said...

portia- this book is opening up a totally new world, and its about a real person, who was intelligent, stubborn, witty, funny and intellectual at the same time.. leaves one thoughtful.
glad you liked the view- I had stopped seeing these things all together.

crusty- yes! the lull's been good, thanks! those little teenyweeny spots of silence and serene..

sathya- why miss? just go visit! you hvae a good reason too. :)

mystic- falling asleep is automatic, very early morning chirpy wide awake is what needs tackling.

burf said...

am i missing something here?

AmitL said...

Nicely put,Austy..I do hope you don't refer to Baroda as 'village', when you say 'the train that runs to my village'- because,I feel Baroda Express is quite fast.grin grin.:)

austere said...

burf- you'd have to read the last few posts, I am struggling to read a book about something I have no clue about, in a language that I'm only okayish at.

amitl- naaaaaaah. hoy ke. we're too wannabe to be gaon-ka. I meant my original village. dehaat types. I wont tell you where it is.

AmitL said...

Thank heavens for that clarification..:)

austere said...


you want to go to charotar-land?