Monday, August 27, 2007

Quite muddled about floor raises, square feet, carpet area, super built up, broker run-ins, and weird weird wayward cell counts, strange how everything has to happen together, but ok otherwise. I thought I was clueless, but seems like no one quite knows, not even the top man in India…These days I wake up super-early and fret.
Will catch my breath in a while.

But ok, am doing what can be done.


manuscrypts said...

kahani ghar ghar ki? ;)

mystic rose said...

and thats all you can do, rest is out of your hands, na? dont fret.

austere said...

manu- rental.

mystic- uh huh.


Hey there Austere:
I hope you can find a few moments of peace. Perhaps in between work loads you could find a precious park, stop and breath in the air, the surrounds, deep peaceful aura's that you can always find tucked away hidden somewhere.

I wonder why everything is so hectic for you right now. Perhaps that means it's time for a vacation? or perhaps that means, good things wait for you around the corner.

"Chin up!!"
Crusty~ :)

Sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Shifting home?

And did that flickr thing not work?

Anonymous said...

how everything has to happen together

That seems to be a law of nature, it happens in any cultural environment to all people.

soleil said...

hug hug.


austere said...

soleil- ty.

mago- yes, uncanny isn't it? across countries and cultures..

sathya- looking for a rental. hunting. :)flickr not done yet.

crusty- will take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath and look at the flowers. vacation time is a no- go about now, he needs to rest. :)

Arunima said...

kya bol rahi ho? scratches the head.

Portia said...

i hate the breathless feeling. i wish you didn't fret but it's hard for me to say how that might be possible right now. sending you warm vibes full of hope:):) keeping you close in thought & prayer.

austere said...

arunima- ji kuch nahi.

portia-:) thank you for the vibes and the hope. It helps so much, this support and just being there. No words.

AmitL said...

Hota hai,hota hai-and,then,things seem to/return to normal.:)

austere said...

uh huh. they do?