Friday, August 10, 2007

The last few weeks I have often idly thought about the need for structure and routine, its place in a day. Somewhat like a grid to hang the rest of your day on. A security blanket? A filler? Also to avoid having to do something else, which needs to be done. Or to avoid thinking. Which makes me wonder how people sit through ten days sitting still, of just watching their minds when they opt for vipassana meditation?

No, this post hasn't quite got written the way I wanted it to sound.


Arunima said...

sometimes, blogs take a direction of their own once you start typing. :-)

They need to meditate.

Anonymous said...

Cool new outfit.
Structure keeps chaos away. As long as the structure is adaptable.


I love the new look..and the post had a very refreshing feeling to it..
you seem peaceful!
I hope this finds you well!

mystic rose said...

Or to accomplish everything that needs to be done. :) How r u?

I am terrible at rountine, no sooner do I set it than it has to be broken. but the days do have a loose structure, based on everyone's needs :)

like the new look, btw.

austere said...

Arunima- :)) Sounds like your blogs go wandering by, too? how are you?

mago- ty gladly. very true, adaptable structure...

crusty- yes. am at peace. must be the nirvana green?

mystic- :)yes, must be quite something with three little ones and all, and no help the way we have at home.

mystic rose said...

you bet! :D

AmitL said...

Austy,wait another 15 years,and try it-it'll be easy.:)

Anonymous said...

That bright green is quite the eye opener. :) I like the new looke overall, does have a "clean" feel to it.

I spend a lot of time thinking about structure and chaos, I think Mago been in my head again. :>

Wish I had time to write you volumes and volumes of stuff, but wouldn't know where to begin.

I have taken extra hours at the new job, so it is not so "part-time" at the moment. They gave me the keys to the castle and leave me by myself to learn everything and meet the clients expectations. They have great faith in my to revolutionize the place apparently. I didn't realize the job posting was asking for a messiah. Am handling ok so far.

I get an odd sense from the "big boss lady". She reminds me of the cat I granted sanctuary to in my dream a few months back. How odd is that?

There is so much to learn. *sigh

austere said...

amitl- then I may just doze off. wait wait I can do that any time, even now..

proxima- I thought a change was long overdue, Now if only I could bring the same intent to work on my long tresses...
Now that you have free run of the center, it will be shaken up and sorted right, new energy put into its veins and sinews in no time at all. You excel at impossible tasks, so they get pulled to you.
OOH about the cat. Uncany.
thanks for keaving a nice note.
:) 15th after a day, isnt it?

BookClover said...

Routine...I like the sound of this word but find it so hard to put it into practice...

austere said...

hey bookclover! great to have you comment. One gets into a routine, does one not, even if, as mago saus, it has flexibility in it?