Monday, June 25, 2007

Yesterday was spent watching.
First, the rain and that step outside the gate, waiting for a noah-like deluge to rise to just-above-THAT- step level. After which it would rush into the house.
But thankfully it didn’t.

Today has been spent watching.
First the skies.
For the gale that the met dept promised but hasn’t happened as yet.
No high speed winds. No pelting rain. Just standard-issue clouds.
I could use some drama.
Some fireworks and thunder.
Been such a weird, strange, awesome day.
Goddamn strange.
“Oh really??!” Wild-eyed quality strange
In that karmic cycle that governs your life and mine, I owe you majorly.


Anonymous said...

Or me you.

Anonymous said...

Monsoon time is something special, yes?

Anonymous said...

Ack, Monsoons and low powerlines in some neighborhoods. It is a terrible combination. Three people died at a bus stop while I was in Bangalore. What a horrifying way to die. Lightening in the water.


austere said...


mago- yes, it is a connect with the skies above more direct than any other time in the year.

proxima- yes, and awful flooding too, wading home through chest high water. foot and half of water in the house. been there, done that.
the good and the bad, no where else in the world in such close proximity.