Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Shredded green papaya sizzles in the wok.
Intrigues. The first time I’m ever making this. Not the usual “get-it-done-now” auto-mode.
How our minds crave something new. That sense uptick. The anticipation.
Even in micro doses from apparently unconnected sources.Interesting.

Noticed: Asopalav and gray sky mirrored in a glass-like puddle.
Yet an image is at best, an image.


shiv said...

Was trying something new? or the usual shredded green papaya? Yes an image is an image , but your description brings it to the mind's eye

Soleil said...

shu banavyu! amne koh!

Anonymous said...

"Get-it-done-now" auto mode

an image

Mirrors, mylady. Seemingly a wok can be a mirror. Too. Puddlelike.

There is something about the monsoon.

CRUSTYBEEF said... should take a picture of the green papaya..sounds delicious.
You should publish's amazing.
Hope you're day's found you well.

Anonymous said...

So, how did this new dish turn out? Is it a new favorite?

Mirrors and pictures, they only tell half the story.


austere said...

shiv- the usual, but had never ventured to cook this, no reason.
:) I was delightfully surprised.

soleil- papaya ni cheen nu shak?

mago- automode! that is how I cook everyday. a wok-mirror, yes, is there a thought machine? monsoon magic in the air. like the ides of spring. :)

crusty- poyetry? there are some disjointed lines of verse on roughpad and new roughpad. but that is very kind of you uh huh. yes, the day was busy but good.

proxima- they tell half the story but we mix them up with the original, forgetting they are not...
Yes, i shall be making it again but something old does not have the same thrill, does it?

austere said...
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mystic rose said...


and ive never cooked green papaya. nor tasted it, I think.

austere said...

you're supposed to leave it raw and crunchy. and season with a green chilli or two. a different taste.

Soleil said...

rai no vaghar. yum! :)