Monday, June 11, 2007

I watch her hobble.
The walking stick makes a ratatat sound on polished marble.
I watch her bent form stop-go and shuffle across the room.
I watch him by her side. Gray-haired, worried. Alert to every move she makes.
They’ve been together since 1945.
Ups and downs. Almost rags to, well, good.
No, the doctors don’t know why she’s ill as yet.
From one corner of the window, a golden temple spire is visible. Siddhi vinayak.
On the far horizon, the bandra-worli sealink cuts a lazy line across silver.
What will be will be.


manuscrypts said...

62 years... awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, what a long time together! Still, none of us ever know how long we'll get to spend togetherand not age or length, can ever make it easier to let go.

Sometimes the best that we can hope for is that they go beyond the pain of living and find themselves instead like a breath of fresh air.


austere said...

manuji- you bet. blessed too :) Sorry. I've not dropped by in some time.

proxima- thats a lovely idea. And this lady has been quite a whirlwind in her days, a burst of energy.

AmitL said...

Good luck to the couple..ohhh..what a phrase...'lazy line across silver',and that too in Mumbai??Can't be.lazy and Mumbai don't go together,just like Lazy and dubai don't.(Lazy and Baroda,might.heh heh)

austere said...

lazy and Baroda would waltz together. :)

mystic rose said...

touching and sad. One of the saddest things in life is seeing old people, esp loved ones age.

yeah, what will be will be.

austere said...

:) so it is.
ty, mystic.


I love the examples. How you expressed the very mannerisms of this person.
See you later for more reading!

austere said...

:) ty, crusty.That is so nice.

sanguine said...

echoing manujeee 's comment ..
62 yrs... awesome !

and how have you been , sunil babu ...was thinkin of callin you this weekend to congratulate on the first rains ... but they have just vanished , so wl call you when it does start again ..

austere said...

arre badhiyaaaaaaaa hai! kya khabar suleiman :))???

haan no barish only dekho na. hamara chal raha, kat raha, aap sunao, happening ho bhai!

shiv said...

well, time leaves its impact on the body

austere said...

right, shiv. so it does. but the sudden degeneration is scary, the sudden loss in muscle power and fatigue.

Anonymous said...

Just stopped by to say "Hello". :>

I hope your week has been going well!


ditto from proxima..hope all is well.
I'm having a rather odd week. :(

abbagirl74 said...

I hope that is me one day.

austere said...

proxima- am fine. should post today, iff there is something to write. :)

crusty- a season for strange weeks, is it? take care, gal. :)

abbagirl- rather have you fit and fine dining at the toniest place in town...