Thursday, June 28, 2007

No, I could not find it online.
Have been singing it in my mind these past few days; and this afternoon, aloud, surprised to get the high notes right. After so long- twenty seven years.
The school prayer?
Antara mam vikasit karo antara tar hay/ Gurudev Tagore

It has taken me so long to even guess-fathom what it means.

Maybe now the setting is right for comprehension.


mystic rose said...

beautiful. touches so deeply.

I love tagore's writing. well, who am i to love? but profound and soothing.

Portia said...

i love how the meaning of words changes as we do.
and then some are just repeated mindlessly until one day, it finally strikes me, what i have been saying all along.

Ricercar said...

which song is this? if you translate it maybe i can send you the bengali version

abbagirl74 said...

Yes, please translate. I would love to know it.

austere said...

mystic- its a soaring hymn. let us see how the translation works out.

portia- exactly. to understand, really really understand in the middle of your heart, you have to live life.

ricer- it is in bangla. I will write the original and what I think is the meaning here, and then you improve upon it. not all words are common to hindi/gujju though I like to think so. :)

abbagirl- will try. like the lill toy engine. :)

Ricercar said...

oh! i'm sorry! ok i'll check up my sources too