Sunday, June 24, 2007

If there were no dust on the mirror, there would be no driving need for it to be.

Something reminded me of that eventful year in class 4 when I went away to hostel, cajoled wheedled pleaded, but in a sense ran away. In the years after I’ve learnt that other skill- taking it, not answering back and staying quiet and staying the course. Both have their uses. Trick is to know when to use which particular trait. Half my life done and I still haven’t figured that out


Ricercar said...

not half ur life! :(

sathya said...

Hi Aust,

You went to hostel at class 4 :o ??


Portia said...

it never seems to be the right time for me to rebel but then i will forever be figuring it all out

austere said...

ricer chile- probably more?! Methusaleh, am I, doddering and shaky , eh?

sathya- yup. tough home situation to get away from, then one riot- people's revolution happened and I had to come right back. :)

portia- join the clan! apologies for not visiting your page. been lazy, I guess. :)

Portia said...

no worries at all. i come to soak up your stunning words, pictures, energy.

mystic rose said...

class 4 was mighty young. but then i always 'grow into my age' late.. :)

yes, they both do. that one time it worked for me.. , i think i had reached the end of my limits.
i never did that again.

Anonymous said...

Benefits to both qualities. I often walk with heavy paws even when I don't intend too. Sometimes smushing the pretty flowers, the ones that I like. I don't mean too. :<


austere said...

mystic- yup,such is life. I always thought it would even out, eventually. but uh-huh.

proxima- likewise. same pinch. same boat. will get it right by and by.. eh?