Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Maybe I was kidding. Half joking.
Maybe not. Best if you don’t know.
But you almost choked on that morsel, Baba.
Startling reaction. Wow.

An almost saucer-shaped moon floated lazily in a milky halo past a starless-sky.
A rare sight for the city-sky. Rare, given the looming monsoon. Touched.


Paavani said...

Did you see moon last week?
When Venus was near

Portia said...

mmm, such serenity.

Soleil said...

evu to shu kidhu tame! :)

ahi its toooo hot. my brains are not working. aaje o canada gayi aavya. interesting process.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very nice. The moom is much kinder to me then the sun. Who has ever heard of a "moonburn"? :>


austere said...

paavani- nope, did you? yahan cloudy and low visibility. which means I forgot.

portia- it is in the viewer, yes? patchwork-like, that serenity. :)

soleil- svatantrata thi udau swadheenta taraf ni kooch nu elan karyu. amey to ada thavana chiye. :))O canada? amari pasey Oh Moombai che. moklavu? ey shoon?

proxima- yup, and in the summers that searing wind from the desert that hits your head. sun stroke. whatnot. still, the giver of life,fair, dispassionate,stern, distanced, unmoving- as per Indian mythology.

manuscrypts said...

wonder what the converstion was... i know the answer tthe comment already-Best if you don’t know. :D

austere said...

sooo shaana our manuJI is, nyet?

AmitL said...

What bombshell did u drop,causing the startling reaction,Austy?haha..and,I almost thought u saw a UFO until I realized that u were talking of the good ole moon..:)

Anonymous said...

leaving paw prints... :-)

Saw the moon and venus with the wife while we were on our usual evening chat on the terrace. Lovely feeling that... overlooking a Eucalytus grove, the airport, and a railway line that saunters through a cragged line of houses built to fit in every available space. Nice feeling, of liberation and serenity.

Chalo, my post is out here. :-)

- Heretic

austere said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! HERETIC! Man how *ARE* you? You made my day. Totally. Bless you guys. You made me totally happy.

amitl- UFO??? and boss you can follow the gujju too, the shaanpan is overflowing today.

Anonymous said...

Am so happy to be here. :-)

Shall catch you soon on phone and ym. Very very sorry for not calling. Wanted to introduce the wife, even if over phone. :-) Today evening chaalse? Ab gareeb bacha ho gaya hoon toh prepaid phone lekar ghooom raha hoon. :-))

- Heretic

austere said...

phone karo. I have a new jhakaas nokia. so dont have to holler.. "what was that you were saying haaaaaan?"

haan baat karo anytime, boss, aramsey, fikar not. gharwali ayi, ab ghar banega tab paisey bachao na.