Thursday, June 07, 2007

Not the connecting of disparate clues for an out-of-the-box conclusion.

Nope. Not the Eureka! sort.
Simple stuff, you know?
Like not having to think about the way you take to work everyday.
Or what a word means without having to force- think.
Not rocket science.
And that child with a learning disability is taken on a merry ride all over the suburbs, a normal Rs. 40 fare ballooning to Rs. 150.
Because he can’t.
Much to be grateful to the skies about.


Anonymous said...

There you go with your Vulcan mind-melding again!

I've been thinking much lately of a would-be rocket scientist, a German exchange student, who was a fool for love (of me). I was in chaos-mode at the time and tried to spare him...but I don't doubt that he resented me for it nonetheless.

mystic rose said...

indeed. we dont realise how wonderfully everything works for us, without any volition.. and thats why the best things in life are free.

AmitL said...

Thank heaven for small mercies.:)Of course,'not having to think about the way you take to work daily',is in itself a deep thought.:)

austere said...

proxima: ah. no saying where the mind waves go, now is there? :)

mystic- sunlight, fresh air, water, greens and the gray matter to comprehend.

amitl- yup. for this child, comprehension is a task.

crab said...

kind thought/post ... for all the 'normal' and taken-for-granted lifestyles ... so undeserving sometimes.

PipeTobacco said...


I am so very sorry you are having a rough time at the moment. Unfortunately, my science-oriented mind is not always good at deciphering the poetry you write, so I am not sure if I understand what harshness is happening in your life.

However, please know that I care about you and hope that you are able to find some moments of joy even during your saddness.


austere said...

crab- yes. I have grown rich learning from this child.

PT- thank you sir. I hope you have been well. Thank you for your words, time will heal :)