Saturday, June 09, 2007

My angel-mother’s b’day today.
She taught me how to smile. How to walk.
Thank you, A. mummy.

S. gave the group a treat y’day. Vada pao.
His niece cleared the 12th boards with 80%.
College, dreams. A fighting chance.
Kuch bhi ho sakta hai.
S stays in a slum.
India Shining!


mystic rose said...

happy birthday to your A.mummy. Is that your equivalent of the fairy godmother? cinderella.

haan, kuch bhi ho sakta hai. wishing her a bright future.

austere said...

ty, mystic

Ricercar said...

Happy Birthday to your Mummy :)

austere said...

mystic, ricer- my step mom, she gave me a life too.
may her soul be in peace wherever she is.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the best of a slendid day to your A mommie!

College dreams for a young woman. I hope she succeeds in her studies! They used to send young women to college just to find good husbands, but we always managed to get educated along the way at any rate.

Anonymous said...

correction: a SPLENDID day!

Reshma said...

heart warming vada pao;)

Anonymous said...

I am a (kind of) step-father. I do not know what I teached (if anything), but we love each other. Never thought of him as "my son".

India shining. The dream of the upgrade, der Aufstieg. Remember your grandfather you wrote about some posts before: Will and determination.

Your writing is someway changing. Excuse me please, I am not following it too long, you are writing more about persons and less about moods or images of beauty or things - I am in no position to adn do not want to judge your writing or anything - I simply do not want to say something hurtful or wrong, but there is change. You change.

My best wishes to your step-mother.

austere said...

proxima- well,life will change in a great many ways for her and for her family. It is a scale change.

reshma- the best I've had.

mago- I'm sure you must be a great role model. You are astute- yes, the writing is different. Life events change a person, collateral damage. Wont the words show it? It has been difficult to write. I hope someday to be able to write again about moods and nature, with God's grace. But thanks.


You have such a way with words, even if I don't understand all of them, there's such compassion and adoration hidden between them. I also sense saddness, and hope that if there is tough days, may the other days in between be full of sunshine.
great pictures by the way!

AmitL said...

Hey...happy bday to ur Mom...and,nice to read about S. Hope his niece defi gets admission to a college..

austere said...

crusty- you're a peach for saying this and i havent been visiting your page at all- my apologies. thanks majorly for looking at the pics. the words help.

amitl- ty. I sure hope so too, so many will benefit.


no worries austere...nothing that exciting on my posts but yet the typical rants as a pain in the ass at home mom in the USofA..sometimes I feel really selfish for complaining about "my life, and my children," when there are so many of us out in this blogging world with far more pain burdening them everyday. :(

austere said...

hey crusty! d'you know how reassuring and warm everyday normal stuff is? it centers, grounds and makes immense sense. its GOOD to read everyday stuff. Will, in some.


you know what? You're absolutely correct. and after leaving that comment above, the graces of the unknown obviously decided to show me week has been nothing more but strange, odd, and sad with a twist of strength.
Happy thursday.