Monday, January 01, 2007


Yesterday I stood by a bridge.
On one side were some “Oh My God!” ’s, “duh!”’s, “Oh really?” ’s, but mostly yada – yada.
On the other, splendid fireworks made arcs in the velvet sky.
Twinkling lights beckoned.
A breeze danced; soft, lemon-scented.
And you know, and I know;

that on the other side too it will mostly be yada-yada and some sighs peppered with "Oh My God!” ’s, “duh!”’s, “Oh really?” ’s.
Yet I can’t but help get terribly excited at a *drumroll* NEW YEAR!

I spent the last day of the year writing a stoooopid essay.
At work, at my desk.
(Was called in- which only goes to show one NEVER quite knows what’s next around the corner.)
Keywords: Iran, NPT, nuclear power
Not that I give a damn.
A few minutes to midnight, voila, Cinderella!
Change the calendar now!
C’mon, call and wake everybody up- uncles, aunts, cousins.
Laughter, squeals.
That choc mousse was delightful.


To put new names to an old map is a strange feeling.



:::LL::: said...

Happy wala 2007 austere ji... Khoob DVDs dekho and keep writing!

austere said...

Aapko bhi! Navvarsh ki khoob sareen shubhkamnayen! lage raho, badhte raho, har tarraki kamyaab ho!

abbagirl74 said...

Happy New Year dear friend!! I am so glad I found you. Your beautiful words have brought scenery to destruction. To a NEW YEAR!

austere said...

yaaaaaaaaay abbagirl! New Year and onward ho!
A very happy one, eh!

AmitL said...

Hi,Austere...Happy New write essays even now?:)Err,which new names were u putting to which ole map?

austere said...

A super, top o' the line year to you...yes, that essay was one of the things one could not say no to..
eh, what?

sanguine said...

hey austy dear, wishin you the best year ever ..
heres for many more delightful choc mousse s .. cheers ..

AmitL said...

Err,I was just referring to your quote'To put new names to an old map is a strange feeling.'.:)

austere said...

sanguine- ji, aapko bhi, bahut premiere, mousse',...

amitl- :)

Proxima said...

I had delightful cheese (Aged Gouda) and red wine to celebrate, which had me in bed by 8:30pm. Oh well, the New Year came nonetheless. ;) -P

prerona said...

Happy New Year Love

austere said...

Proxima! *COULD* you! but then on the other hand... red wine wooziness, eh? I forced my eyelids open, haan.


KJ said...




austere said...

Hey KJ!
A super 2007!