Saturday, December 30, 2006

6 weird things about me (tagged by abbagirl)

1. I am moody. I could be effusive this week and look through you the next. Or cheery upbeat this week and pessimist the next.

2. I hate- just hate- to dust.

3. I like what I like, quite completely. All of an authors’/ musicians’ work. All Rehman. All Maugham. All Cronin. Once I like what I like, I do not really care what the trend is.

4. I will go the last mile to be there for a friend. Some of this is really strange- take a midnight train to reach a wedding in time, pick a fight, fly down for a day, reach the airport at 4 in the morning for about 5 minutes of being able to say hello. I know some of this is overdoing- I don’t care.

5. I *like*remixes.

6.I am a news junkie. I will read last month’s business papers too.

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abbagirl74 said...

aha, midnight trains, eh?

austere said...

And wonder where the long distance ones are headed...

Cherie! said...

Ummm....this is weird? Didn't get this :( Have a great year ahead.

crab said...

but none of these r weird lol

austere said...

Cherie, crabbie- Stubbornly weird, and more than a little Dickens-ish.