Monday, January 08, 2007

“Kabul Express” works. Brilliant movie.
Stupendous images, panoramic shots of that ugly-beautiful land, specially the ones of the SUV against the mountain ranges- stark, beautiful, stunning.
I am fine with the story too- journalists out to cover yet another war story, meet up with THE enemy, AK 57-toting, edgy and ruthless, discover he is human too, sort of.
Not quite your routine family drama with the coy run around the trees and ten songs before interval.
Kabul links somewhere in my mind to Kandahar and what happened with that plane, this movie only reinforces images about that nasty war and bombed-out nation that everyone seems to have forgotten.
In that stark, moon-like expanse you begin to realize why the statues of the Bamiyan Buddha were built where they were.

So the visit yesterday was quite all right, all the dusting and fetching-carrying well worth it. I quite liked my to be cousin sis-in-law . Am not sure what Ba, my village-bred grandmother, would have to say if she were around, but it sure would be something pithy. To meet a Swedish- American- Irish who is an Indian at heart, was a nice surprise. The point is they want to make it work, so they will.


sanguine said...

"Swedish- American- Irish who is an Indian at heart" whatta combination..
my boss is irish-spanish-american who wishes he was an indian ..

manuscrypts said...

the last line is the essence of a good marriage..

Reshma said...

do you know any indian indian at heart who has to keep remiding the world that s/he is a patriotic indian?;)
a little late, wish you and your 84 year old baby the very best this year:)

austere said...

Sanguine- and yes, she is a nice person too, whataworld, no?

Manuji- well said. D, eh?

Reshma- true for large chunks of the diaspora, I think. I will wish him- and here's to a super 2007, too!