Thursday, January 25, 2007

The man with the pepperoni beard thumped the conf table, fumed ,thundered and flung his hands about.
I watched, distanced.
The three cameras strapped around his neck swung wildly, in imminent danger of falling off.
A fantastic temper tantrum the likes of which I haven’t seen for long.
Missing; lightening, the crackle of electricity, hissing sulphurous fumes.
These were high-end cameras. I was worried.
And amused. No, I wasn’t at the receiving end.
This was better than saying “ I told you so”, no?
Not surprised either, to learn he’d recently done a bad man role in a low-cost movie.
Everything in this city connects sooner or later, directly or otherwise, to the movies, doesn’t it?

Yesterday was Vasant Panchami.
The first day of spring.
Bees buzz, tender sap percolates shoots, butterflies flit, suchlike.
Was pleasantly surprised to notice tiny clumps of black-purple buds on the hedge, hadn’t seen that before.

And when I’m done with the flood of subs and crits at the writing group, there is very little time left to post. Must find a way.


abbagirl74 said...

I am jealous. Spring already.

austere said...

The green got greener.

Andrew said...

The circle is completed. Everything is connected. I loved this post. I hope you are well on the other side of the world. Send some of your good weather our way. It is cold and dreary here.

Take care good friend,


austere said...

Am good.Just feeling very lazy. *grin*

Cherie! said...

Lovely writing as always Austere :) Hope you are well.

austere said...

cherie- sure, thanks.