Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is from the walking track.
Yesterday, I learned the WRONG way to upload several images at the same time.
No, you can't rotate images or add text, not that way.
Today I deleted that post.
Sathya- sorry, I deleted your comments too.
The pics are on flickr anyways.


Anonymous said...

I finally took the time to look at your flickr pics. Very Nice! India is such a photogenic country!
I love the colors and the women in their beautiful saris.

I have two myself, but to be a white woman wearing them in the U.S. people would think it is weird, even though we have a large Indian community here.

When my husband and I went to Japan for two weeks, we got tired of Japanses food and found a nice Indian resturant in Kyoto. We couldn't help but laugh, the Indian resturant felt like home and I winked at Ganesh as we left.

austere said...

So finally I have you visit flickr, eh! Yes, many colors, so many people, within one country too, so many lifestyles and cultures. Diversity does not begin to cover this expanse.

I must admit the last time I wore a saree was in '92. There are heavily embroidered, brocade-bordered sarees in the cupboard, these would be used for a wedding function or something.These have been nicely packed in tissue with tobacco and chilli seed bags, so that they 'keep'. Day to day wear is salwar-kameez, which is from the north but has become a national dress of sorts. Very comfortable, quick to wear and great for mobility. Somehow I dont feel too comfortable with western wear, not the right shape for that *grin*, though i did get tempted by a swirling long skirt with 6 meters of pleats, the kind that is worn in some parts of the country, like Rajasthan.

Our every day food is pretty simple- restuarents tend to go overboard on oil and spices, at home one would use clarified butter or ghee, which is rich in calories and expensive. I am glad you enjoyed an Indian meal in Kyoto. Someday, a home-cooked Gujarati meal? Because each state and each region within each state has its own way of cooking.

Ganpati Bappa is my special God, the harbinger of good things and the watchguide mentor of people who work with the crafts. He would have laughed, I'm sure!

Prerona said...

lol. take care babes
y'day i learned the WRONG way to go about life and bringing new changes in it ;)

austere said...

oh. well.
and yes, before i forget,thanks for the "babes"

sathya said...

My comments tooo went :(((

What had I written in the comments? :-/


PipeTobacco said...


As always, I am in awe of your beautiful pictures. However, what has transfixed me so today is your wonderful comment to Proxima about dress and food. Thank you for the beautiful images you paint with words and with your camera.


Ritu said...

i was wondering at this pic yesterday...pachi mail mathi download karyu then khabar padi. hehe! :)

Reshma said...

me all goody good Austy. thing is my pen is too lazy to write:)

and, i really enjoy reading the glimpses of india you share with Proxima in the comment box:D

austere said...

Sathya- you had given me advice na on how to straighten the pics? kya re..*going all mumble grumble in tamil*

Pipetobacco-*bows* You're very kind, thanks. All I do is point and click, my country's full of surprises, and beautiful.

Ritu- yes, a flowering palm..

Reshma- Give us some malyalam insight then? Chalo good you are "badhiya hai".

sathya said...

Hi Aust,

Oh...ok... Memory is pretty weak :((

And the mumbles and grubles in tam is met with a smile and probably a laugh too :p


crab said...

oh what can i say now? ... i clicked on the comment box here to compliment you on the lovely greens ... and then read all the previous comments .. and i have a smile on my lips now .. take care ben :-)

crab said...

hey there ritzy babes! hows u doing? :-)

Because of B said...

so when do u plan to wear that pleated skirt?
80-kali ka lehanga? :)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a terribly sad for me, but I pulled myself together and took comfort in some Indian food. I had Masala tea, Aloo Birhen and Veg. Bhriyani. The Kheer was not so good this time, but the resurant owner and his wife always greet me with such kindness I feel a little better today.

austere said...

Proxima- Nothing better than ginger and mint flavoured tea with lots and lots of sugar. Make you some?

b-hmmm, will borrow some bravado first, gimme some?

Crabbie- you too, good, no?

Sathya chile- too young to crib abt memory. silly young man to forget da, but memory overload why for?