Saturday, January 13, 2007


Mr.Mani Ratnam’s Guru was launched yesterday. The channels are abuzz with promos.
“Tere bin” is a fine number, vintage Rahman, very gripping.
But that snippet in “Barso re” is pure magic.
A R Rahman has used a bit of a snippet from a garba to bring in that local flavor.
I used to know this garba, way back.
Way back, as in the annual concert when I was in class 6?
I still know the words, how it flows.
I hear that bit, then I’m sitting happily ensconced in the music group in a corner of that stage.
And all I see is: the lamp in the corner, the rhythmic clap of the garba, the swirling mirror and embroidery bedecked skirts, the tension of a performance
I hear that bit, then I"m not listening to the rest of "Barso re" anymore.


Prerona said...

class 6!!! lol

Ajju said...

watched Guru. Came back, searched online frantically for a copy. The book is banned in India but it is impossible to find a copy anywhere in the world, it seems. Even left the great Sucheta Dalal an email asking if she knew where I could find a copy :P :)

Aap kaise ho? Long time austy!

Ajju said...

And by copy, I of course mean a copy of The Polyester Prince.

If you haven't seen the movie you should watch it. Madhavan plays Arun Shourie and I had my doubts about whether their relationship was as "gentlemanly" as depicted in the movie (Ambani and Shourie's). Then I read this talk by Shourie
and thought it may well have been.

Also interesting was

sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Saw GURU yesterday... maybe I went in with too much of an expectation from MR but somehow felt let down... some songs werent placed right... the sequencing didnt seem right...

Did you watch it?

All the songs were awesome n all but that BAppi lahiri song was real bad :(

Except that everything else was awesome... and Shall look out for this Gujrati connection in barso re :)

austere said...

preronaben- I ALWAYS remember songs.Tunes. Always always. Strange, na?

Ajjuseth- Keep lookin. Sab account saaf kiya lagta, the RIl powerhouse. Yes, perhaps madam can help, maybe if she wishes to. I will watch Guru in some, once the initial rush thins a bit. Am good, tame? I saw yr new year post. Will check the links in some. Har's post is darn good, set me thinking.

Sathya- Accha- I have a pro Ratnam bias, so maybe i have to like that movie.It seems only 30% of Anurag Kashyap's script was finally used. Wonder what the original was like. The snipept? I can sing it if you want? Bianca Castafiore!

driftwood said...

:-). Did you read that crackerjack of a post by Anurag Kashyap? Check

And :-)) @ Bianca Castafiore! That used to be one of my nicknames.

austere said...

driftwood- just now wonly going. hehe. quite a cacaophony we'll create warbling, eh?

austere said...

my! What a stunner of a post. Sahi bola, driftwood.

Ritu said...

abhi karta check. jovu mane aavde ke nahi song..reporting back in a bit. ;)

austere said...

Ritu- avde? Avdej ne! bahu janeeto chey aa garbo.

Because of B said...

bole toh...
soundtrack behind the smile :)

austere said...

bole toh! exactly!