Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yesterday and for a few days now I’ve been too angry to write about this.
Nithari. Shame.
If you are poor, you don’t have the political clout to make the authorities take you seriously; your children could be abducted, mauled,killed and it wouldn’t matter;
the sky could fall and it wouldn’t matter.
We pay our taxes for this crap?
I don’t have any answers. I feel sick.
All I do know is-
Those little girls Priyanka and Anushka seated on a piece of tattered jute outside the gate to the walking track?
I say hello to them with a pack of Parle g biscuits every morning.
They say bye with a toothy grin each.
Their parents are road diggers.
Yes, the mother had said- “You don’t have kids? Take these”, with an innocent smile.
I want to shake her and tell her- watch out.
Everyone who lives in a big house, is not necessarily good.


Proxima said...

Even if the mother was pretending to make a joke, it was a rude thing of her to say.

Your gesture of kindness should be taken at face value, not as an invitation to greater expectations and she should already know that.
She is lucky your biscuits don't come with strings attached.

austere said...

In the Indian context such questions are routine and acceptable. My anger was at how easily she gave her trust to a stranger. In a place called Noida which is almost a suburb to Delhi, the capital, over twenty- the police can't figure out the exact number- skeletons of children were discovered from a rich man's home. The kids were molested and murdered.

csathya said...

Not only that one... the gateway of India incident.. the Brigade road incident... the somewhere else in India incident....Bad Bad Bad start to new year....

austere said...

The Gateway one was BAD and if that tabloid photographer didnt capture this on shoot, the police would have scoffed that anything happened.
Where are we going?

As someone said the other day, prosperity and quality iof life are two different things.

KJ said...

'tis a scary world out there...

Yes the Nithari scandal is a real shame .... i guess the police was all involved with it....tho i guess we will NEVER know the truth.. or will we?

and the gateway of india incident was really disgusting.. cud never have imagined something like that in my mumbai... :(


i wish the victim had the courage to come fwd, file a complaint.


austere said...

KJ.. well, life...

Reshma said...

if you are poor you don't even have the right to live anymore.

that's a pic of a victim of endosulfan used in cashewnut farms in a small town in kerala, just another life we kicked out in our mad rush to progress.

austere said...

Reshma- i can't read a word- malayalam? Horrific pic- encephalopathy. Poor child.