Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A driver is not someone who drives.
Ok, so windows has been reinstalled.
The young chaps from MIS struggled patiently to set it right.
But right it ain’t. Nah.
They now say, it could be a hardware issue.
The screen looks patchy, with red lines that Dracula could have put there on a good day.
Not done yet. Don’t know about the data yet.

But I don’t want to forget, that still Sunday morning.
So early that the birds hadn’t awoken.
So early that the priest at the temple was still making preparations for nityapooja, the first prayers, with the metal gate firmly padlocked.
So early that you could hear gravel crunch underfoot. And think a bit about dark shadows and corners.
Hear the slight breeze in the palms. Watch pinpoints of light in the sky.
See a few brightly lit windows in the apartments around and wonder,why on earth should someone get up so early, tis a Sunday, after all.


Srinath said...

So Sunday rocks??

abbagirl74 said...

So glad to have you back!

austere said...

Srinath- EVERY day rocks..! *trying to recall names of rocks from 8th class geography lessions*
No blog to do the return visit courtesey, but thanks for dropping by.
abbagal- glad to be back.THAT beat in voulez vous, eh?

manuscrypts said...

thankfully some windows work just fine :)

Because of B said...

lol @ everyday rocks :)

i remember waking up early on sundays, as a kid, to watch rangoli and ulta-pulta on dd national :) the only tv channel we used to get in those days!

Anonymous said...

It was a good eye appointment today. I will just need to be zapped in the eyes with a laser nown and then, not having to worry about going blind anytime soon.

I hope today is also going well for you!

austere said...

PROXIMA! FANTASTIC news!*touchwood*. day was dramatic, will write in some.

Manu- tht reminded me of a physics teacher, way back of course, "open the windows and let the fresh atmosphere come in..." like that, huh?
B- am seriously thinking of shifting da walk to five am on sunday mornings, the day gets longer.

crab said...

but five AM is toooo early Ben!

Because of B said...

i sleep at 5am :|

austere said...

Crabbie- Shoo gal! the day gets longer, does it not, by hmm let's see- two - three hours?

B- VERY raised eyebrow. now now young lady...

mago said...


austere said...

bitte, mago.
and since the rest of German that I know is only "ich bin, du bist.."..