Tuesday, September 04, 2012

yesterday it rained. And rained and rained. A nonstop, vehement clamor from the skies, mist and rolling clouds obscured the distant apartments. BMC and the police did an excellent job, but nature is nature and listens to no rules, so in due course subways/low lying areas/ train tracks were flooded, and yet again the slightly fractured spirit of Mumbai dusted its hands, pulled itself up and did what  had to be done. The next morning it was life as usual. Now part of the metro's - a pillar, a column-collapsed even as it was being built.


shooting star said...

thankfully it hasnt rained that much in my city....but yes, it IS raining pretty good!!


norrbu said...

I wish it rained, and rained. And rained. Here.

PQ said...

Experienced Mumbai rains and the flooding first hand as I was trying to take a flight :)