Monday, September 03, 2012

I’ve slowly come to realise aha Eureka! That I’m not as nice a person as you’d think I am if you met me. That I have claws. That I can be rude if I want to, and so often I want to, and I do. Sometimes subtly, sometimes elegantly, and more often than not, whatever. Whatever works. And that I don’t particularly care what you think of me. Maybe there was a veneer before. Maybe there wasn’t. I don’t even know what set off this ramble. Maybe the viral thing shut off the politer part of my brain. Or maybe the antibiotic and all the hot water, yes? Maybe its just the weather. Maybe this is, but this is true.
Hidden in the deep stack of n'papers perused: Begum Samru. What a tale.
AND, the Garden of fools. 
Kindly google.

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PQ said...

Totally, Austy being nice all the time would be so boring. We have all other emotions in us, good to express them at times too. Life needs some variety after all. I always felt people who always showed the same sweet self all the time were just so fake :)