Monday, September 24, 2012

Some of these songs we used to sing when the lights went out, and the lights used to go out quite often those days I think…so many from Gandhiji’s Ashram Bhajanawali… one in particular, man mast hua phir kyun boley.. I heard after ages like really ages, only the tune this once is so different, it has the mehak of the earth… this I will try overlay over the previous version that is embedded in my mind, that has the voices of all of the dear ones who inhabit another plane now…wonder how the kid, my virtuoso show off  would have sung this one..

Went to my friend D’s house for Ganpati darshan, and oh la! thought I was running vv late but just in time for the naivedya.. and what a fantastic location, a HILL behind their house, imagine!

A lovely surprise…Panna Naik’s mint fresh book of verse…Gulmohar thee Daffodils on my desk this mid morning… fantastic—what a gift...she didn’t tell me!

Hallelujah...fasting and pp sugar levels I can live with... phew! was worried on account of the rains and no walks. Not under a hundred-- have forgotten what that felt like.

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PQ said...

Daffodils on'd love to have some on mine too ;)