Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not that I’m ever going to wear those clothes.
(salwar Kameeze’s are a fantastic camouflage. And I’m firmly in the Aunty age group. And enjoying it)  
Or style–blow dry my hair to frame my face. Oh la!
But Soha Ali Khan and Aki Narula on TLC are very, very good.
And “What not to wear India” is smart, sassy and oh hell such a shot of hope.
You have to look at the befores and afters to believe in a Fairy Godmother. Seriously.
(The Hans Cristen Andersen kind, just to clarify). 
What total transformations. You can see the spring in their steps, the glow in their eyes, and tak-tak of their shoes.
And at ten in the night one thing I do need to round off my day is “Hey this is good!”


PQ said...

Love it, I love these before/ after shows. You know I think one should do whatever makes them feel good :) Will check out the Indian version on YT!

shooting star said...

hey austy..i love the show too....but let me tell you something..every woman can and should look good at her age..i have made my mum give up her unfashionable salwar kameezes and go for stylish ones and made her realise that with smart (and not expensive) choices , one looks good at any age...and that evry woman has the right to look good..not for anyone else..but for themselves...they should love themselves in the mirror....and not crib that they have become auntyijis...
btw if anyone calls me auntiji ever, im gonna beat the shit out of not related to you dont call me aunty, thats my view on it. period.