Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On Sunday I had a friend over for tea. Yes, sugarless tea- no sugar jar in my house.
Put it down to Saturn transit or whatever-- these days I learn a lesson a day.
Some happen to me, on some I’m an observer, my eyes fall out. Or its extended family stuff and I learn new things oh really! and hard edges about kith and not so kin. So the lesson this once was—its one thing being alone. Tis another thing altogether to be alone with no money, zilch, zoomba and ground zero. As in owe on your credit card, your friends, have your electricity cut off, have a year’s dues at the grocer AND your personal life in shambles.cause in a span of a year your bf has walked out and your grown up kids are on their own trip and have left.
What a lot the Good Lord loads sometimes. 

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PQ said...

Yep, its tough. Money does matter in the end, especially when u have those big bills. I think being financially self dependent to some extent is very important, especially these days - whether one is alone or in a relationship.