Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sept 2011- Sept 12 : An account

Wrote 111 story+ verse (not including rewrites)
Subbed to 59
Got acceptances from 15
Watched: two plays, innumerable movies
Visited: Lalbaug Ganpati (2011), GSB Ganpati (2012), Durga Puja (Ramkrishna Mission)
Kabir Concert at Bandra,  Shabnam Virmanis’s Kabir concert at Ramkrishna Mission, Kaluram Bamaniyaji’s Kabir Concert at Chaupal
Trails: Jambulmahal (partly), Bhimashankar, TAW Mahakali, TAW Dharavi NP, TAW Silonda, TAW SGNP2, BNHS Nagla


PQ said...

Very impressive!!!
111 stories, u had me right Austy that is phenomenal & ur work is pretty classy too, u've become a 'High quality literary factory' churning out some amazing stuff...keep it up!

The only place I can probly compete with u is the 'watching innumerable movies' :) but guess i haven't caught up on too many of those this year...

Beth said...

"High quality literary factory" -- gotta love it! :)

austere said...

the persistence of a mule, more like it. :) but thaaanks.