Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yesterday I did a translation, Hindi- English after AGES.
It felt so good to immerse in the words, to pull at the gray matter for close equivalents.
I was driven—after long. Impassioned.
In one of Pravinsinh Chavda’s stories, I think A String of Words, there is this line about a man in a dusty library, surrounded by piles of books he’s researching…the lines say how his face bore the sweat-lined pride of a farmer surrounded by his flourishing crops… this I can understand when I return to translations after a while.
Sahansheelta= fortitude/ forbearance/ tolerance?
Realised how some words can only have wishy washy equivalents, or cannot be shifted across tongues, the cultural underline is too strong… In our culture, putting up with something, adjusting to, withstanding something for long periods is a virtue.
Perhaps in the west it is not, rebellion is strength? The closest word someone suggested was endurance. Doesn’t seem to have much of a positive quality about it, in my opinion.


Arunima said...

sahansheelta sounds closest to endurance but as you said, endurance sounds so light in comparison of sahansheelta. salute you for your works. you play with words and play them well. :-)

PQ said...

Wow Austy, such nitty-gritties I would've never thought that a word translated conveyed such different meanings. You are a master of this and amazing how you pay attention to such delicate things - guess thats what makes you the perfect translator