Monday, May 07, 2012

The laburnum are blooming, their color a match for the scorching sun. Last few nights the moon has been magnificent, a giant helium balloon riding the sky. Wonder what it must’ve been like in places where it spills silver on the ground. Wonder what Van Gogh would have done with a moon like this, as magnificent, as crazily generous.

In other stuff, that Tagore thing didn’t come thru, licked my wounds but I shall survive and recycle.

Satyamev jayate is piercing and cool but takes away 1.5 hours on a precious Sunday—I dusted and cleaned shelves during the ad breaks. Solid guts the man has, to make this. female foeticide is a tough one to tackle head on.

Was on thin ice, y’day morning my aunt had reminded me of all the vows and boons and beseechings the parents went thru to have me, and how I’d been dressed in second hand clothes for the first five years to keep a promise. Guess I’m lucky, superbly lucky to be born in a household where my birth was keenly awaited, where I had the freedom to step out and make my own way... But for the grace of God.

Lucky too, to be born on this side of the border, and despite myself am reading Tehmina Durrani’s My Feudal Lord, parts of the story remind me of a certain someone.Yes, the grace of the Lord.


mark drago said...

like this post, A. --fire and ice..."as crazily generous" wonderful phrase

Anonymous said...

Hi Austere,

why do you never write about your mom?


austere said...

Mili-- see the next one pls

Mark-- thanks.

PQ said...

Austy, nice to know a little more personal details about u. All that vows done was worth it - you are special indeed.
And Satyamev Jayate, heard a lot about it in news didn't see it. Aamir does good & meaningful stuff in general - he is a good man.

austere said...

I missed y'days AK episode, but what guts, what conviction.