Saturday, May 26, 2012

Amongst beautiful things encountered:
A perfect alphonso mango, an aaphus, from my friend V’s ancestral lands somewhere along the sloping hills of Ratnagiri; I wait for this one since it is the only mango I shall relish this season,
The glittering shimmering sea from the 19th flr at NP,
The wow factor of my first ever telepresence conference…astounding!

The brilliant look of Madame Tutli Putli : YT
those eyes!

Awe at this poem from Rasala


Beth said...

I have never seen anything remotely like Madame Tutli Putli before: incredible what some artists can bring to life.

austere said...

just so beautiful, isn't it! wish I could see more than the trailer.
One more reco which i haven't seen as yet is Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. Seen that?

PQ said...

Mango...slurppp....will have to go in search of that this get a Mexican variety....nothing compared to our Indian mangoes though