Monday, May 28, 2012

Vedic hymns
Rise to the skies
Fervent prayer

Marigold, ashoka leaves, jasmine
Festive crowds but no jostling
the red of the shamiana reflected on eager faces
Such is the power of the presence
What must happen when avatars visit?

Young boys enunciate in precise sanskit
Proud heritage
of limits, bounds and standards
Reciting from memory, perfection
I watch with envy.

Back home
the loafers, the idle, time pass
Mohawk cut and long tressed,
smoke weed, play cards,
begin every second line with the F word
These guys don’t even hobble to the starting line


norrbu said...

Karma how di - when years from now, these loafers drive fancy cars, have beautiful families?

austere said...

these ones will not, that i can guarantee.

PQ said...

Karma...I also doubt it at times....but like to believe in it

Beth said...

In the last stanza, I can almost see the curl of your lip; there is a judgmental, but perhaps apt, saying about fellows like the ones you describe: they are a waste of good skin.