Monday, May 21, 2012

I crave the sun. I thirst for it, like a junkie needing his fix. Or his eyes go all wonky and his hands shake…or whatever it is that happens--but a fix all right, this walking in the scorching sun, walking as my skin warms and then sizzles and tans, and my brain makes whatever connections it does to energize my day like a shot of electricity. I thirst for it, like the green that lines the track, chlorophyll coming to life as sunlight seeps in, nourishing, validating a reason for its existence. I think of Karna, paying homage, arghya, to the Sun by the lazy waters of the Ganges. And then walking back, bronze-rippled even as the Sun coasted overhead, aloof but watching. I think of the wife of the Sun god who’d created a shadow personae, Chaya, because she couldn’t withstand his brilliance. And mostly I think of the play of light and dark, and the unending cycle of seasons, and lifetimes.


norrbu said...

And I crave for the dark, because it hides all misery.

Anonymous said...

It's summer here, the sun powers down, plants, soil, animals, every living being needs it. My face, my hands and arms are slowly but steadily turning red/brown/bronze. And I learned to love the shadow. Seeking it, walking in stright lines to the next shadowy place, hopping over the large yards from one shadow island to the next, thanking the trees.
The house I'm in stands a bit awkward compared to the others - but it is always cool in the centre and I have to take care when opening windows on both sides, even in the all hot and quite afternoon hour* it is possible that a window slams shut.

*When Pan sleeps.

austere said...

Norrbu- you remind me of Dickens essay on walking.

mago-- that was SO poetic! Wow...when pan sleeps, indeed.but the shadows as a respite,not as a choice, that I see.

PQ said...

I crave for sun too...most energetic & happy during summers here :-)