Monday, April 05, 2010

April has begun busy. Happy-busy, touchwood.

An amazing friend’s birthday. Knowing her has been a blessing—that a human could be as good, as pure and strong, despite her fragile and beyond-help health. Sometimes it is good to get one’s cynicism good and shaken.

Roads explored as a shortcut take a surprising turn, lead to complete East Indian villages, crumbling mansions, village square, cross and church, bargaining aunties, in the middle of bustling upmarket suburbs. Leaves you wondering, so often we pass by on the main thoroughfare, unaware and uncaring of the meandering lanes that lie beyond.

Karthik calling Karthik was brilliant. So bright it feels like a knife cut through your brain. Forces you to dispassionately look at your behavior. Yes, I must confess I ditched a tall stack of newspapers post the movie. Obsessive hoarding behavior, that.


PQ said...

When I read the first two things, ditto here.
True, some friends are an inspiration - one of them has inspired me to grow plants, one has inspired me to enjoy life more :-).
And yes me too exploring roads these days but I wont dare to do it without GPS :-)
I like that "Hey Ya" song from KCK...liked the movie too.

AmitL said...

Hey,happy April,Austy.:)
Yes,sometimes it's good to get one's cynicism good and shaken..specially through rare but amazing friends..I agree..:)
Roads-wow-I wonder the same, when in Mumbai(Been 3-4 yrs now)- so many lanes,so many options-and, we only tread on the paths everyone takes.
Haven't see KCK-maybe I in a somewhat off-mood these days..maybe will write @ it?So, don't want to see any serious movies...been watching Kapil Sharma's laughter-evocations on Youtube lately.:)

Tamanna Mishra said...

KCK is that good eh? I avoided it because of all the bad reviews. Will see it over the weekend.

austere said...

PQ- my vote for that "enjoy life more" :)

Amit- sometimes those moods are there for a reason-- they point to something?
Happy April indeed.

Tamanna- I liked it. Seriously smart.