Monday, April 12, 2010

I’m quite the strangest person on earth.
How else to explain the fascination with saving 100 bucks.
By shopping at Sahakari Bhandar versus More.
(After netting the transport cost, that’s just about 60.)
But I know I will return next weekend. To pick the choicest tomatoes, touch the smooth velver of slender bottlegourd, and indulge in the freshest greens.
Is there any logic to this?
Is it genetic, a salute to frugal Gujju genes?
A validation of a frugal philosophy that one believes in? Or a subtle brownie point, “I’m holier”?
Because the repeat delight at this idea, the serotonin surge from revisiting it every few hours, far surpasses any notional saving.

Most nights I sit with paperwork, trying to unscramble numbers.
To the company of the ARR number from Zubeida, “mehki mehki hain raahen”
And that adrenalin charge from Monsoon W. “ rabba rabba mee barsa”.

A close friend rushes to Cal to be with her aged father who is in the ICU.
The suddenness of it all.


Tamanna Mishra said...

No you are not the strangest person on earth... Ma wasted many of my Sundays when she forced me to accompany her to the Sahakari Bhandar in Malad..(That's where you went?) :P And I must tell you this habit is quite genetic, this habit of saving 40 bucks... I do the same thing now, and waste my flatmate cum husband's Sundays. This is my revenge :P

norrbu said...

no austere di, not the strangest person on earth.

PQ said...

I too go to Walmart for savings and since its a few miles away, go there once a month...otherwise stick to the store closeby bcoz its not worth travelling that distance every week.

There are these articles on how to shop wisely and whenever I see them, I feel I follow all of them. May be you and me could write one of those 'money saving tips' article ;-)

And yes, I don't find people who like to save in general strange, but then there are some people who would think so much and try to save a couple of dollars/ cents on something really small...but then go blow up hundreds on some totally unwanted thing...i really find these "Penny wise Pound foolish" category quite strange.

manuscrypts said...

not strange at all.
like you said, its more about the experience than the money :)

Anonymous said...


AmitL said...

The logic does seem to baffle one,but then, it's not the savings that makes the decision-it's other factors like the neatness of a place,the staff,the ambience....and,if you don't feel those matter,then,of course,it's good ole Gujju gen(ius)es at work.:)
Which numbers do u try to unscramble?

austere said...

Tamanna- Naah. Andheri. :) So you mess up the dear man's sunday,eh?

Norrbu-and where are you? I think I am.

PQ-Yep, those people are funny only I think I am like that too, sometimes.
Not that the store is THAT far, but just simply far. We'll give the yahoo finance guys something to mull over, eh?

manu- yet!

mago- oh yes, most certainly peculiar :)

amit-both places are equally neat and well maintained. still, the lure of the saved buck tempts me afar.

Tamanna Mishra said...

the dear man's theory in life.. "grin and bear" :P

Lydia said...

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austere said...

Tamanna- what a lovely man.

Lydia- thank you. and I will stay true to blogspot, but do come back to read.