Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yesterday I met this young kid swathed in a scarf and with huge glares, a kid who’s allergic-- to the sun. To lovely, bright and essential sunlight that I delight soaking in.
Brown, tough and no-nonsense skin—NEVER thought that’s one more thing to be thankful for.

Watched bits and pieces of two movies over the last two evenings:
“Miss Pettigrew lives for a day” which has a feel good and nice storyline, all happiness and “anything can happen”; until you watch “ I’ll Cry tomorrow”, a true story which is probably a close look at showbiz the way it is, despair, alcoholism, eight husbands and bankruptcy.
I guess I liked the gritty, realistic movie from 1955 much more.


Tamanna Mishra said...

I have brown and tough and no nonsense skin too.. Just behaved badly during Pune days. But now I am guessing I should be thankful too :-)

PQ said...

The sun....have had a record of fainting since childhood if I am unprotected....I find the sunlight here in general more brighter, hotter than in places I lived in almost pierces in San unprotected friend severe sun burns...& not sure if skin makes the difference...some goras here are quite at ease :-)

AmitL said...

Austy-yes,another thing to be thankful for..Really,if 'all systems working fine' when we wake up in the morning, we should be thankful for each,I feel.:)
Will surely watch Miss Pettigrew...:)But,probably not 'I'll cry tomorrow'...for reasons u'd guess.

austere said...

Tamanna- everyone has their Pune days :) And this girl was an air hostess too.

PQ- fainting! how awful. I often wonder how my body will be able to handle ten degrees more
heat. You think the ozone layer is any thinner there?

Amit- watch Miss Pettigrew. She has a delightful accent and its all happy happy at the end.