Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So the earth sighed. And let off a fiery breath, bringing life to a standstill.
Yet again the earth shrugged elsewhere, unconcerned.
Have been watching the ongoing drama about cricket and grease and sleaze.
Reaffirms my intent to remain reclusive. Apart.
Somewhere in the last week and odd of watching twitter, shameless pretties and slander, I’ve regressed well into the 16th C-my home has high walls.
What priorities do we care about as a nation? Is it even one nation?
So one more ambush is ok, one more blast or two – we are too many people anyway-- Malthus was a good man.
Forget Eyja-what’s its name, we have a million upheavals waiting to happen.


shiv said...

We are an insensitive people, to say the least... difficult to say if it is because our own daily struggle for existence, and our own battles have made us unconcerned about others' plight and self centered,or because it has happened so often that we have now become insensitive to it....either way, we all take recourse to that word: FATE...

PQ said...

Tomorrow is Earth Day....hope I can do more from my side than just switching the lights off for sometime. Yes the volcanic eruption caused so much of disruption...I myself have been a stranded passenger once....the sudden weather changes these days makes me wonder what lies in store ahead.

And an aside, your choice of words makes even frustration look so beautiful and poetic.

PQ said...

I was trying to read about Lalit Modi yday....he has been involved with Cocaine from somewhere in his 20s.& then as per records never mended hos ways..wonder how such people rise up to be so powerful & he was rated as the top 30 powerful men in India.....also on the CRPF tragedy....when such things happen only feel some people dont have a conscience

Tamanna Mishra said...

Sometimes I think it's because of their reputation that they get where they do, not in spite.

And honestly, where are our priorities? Btw terror attack ki baat ho rahii hai kal Bombay mein.. Safe rahiyega.

austere said...

Shiv-I think it is the daily struggle for living as much as the repeated nature of these.
Does not say much for us as a people.
Would we be a better nation without the all encompassing theory of karma?

PQ- The earth is new and it is moody. Guess we are in for a wild ride. The Maoists had the support of Bengali intelligensia and the kinds of Ms Arundhati Roy.
The worst part is the poor buggers who were killed were probably as poor and as desperate as the killers.
For Lalit Modi-- all this stuff is known, I remember reading it when he became the RCA head-- so a rehash for whatever muck is there.
But shame on ST. Such a learned man, what a pity he didn't do the maths.
As they sar- jar, jaru, jameen... the reason for many a downfall.

Tamanna- ok, thanks for the alert. Waisey some advantages of being in the non prime suburbs.

AmitL said...

Yes,the earth sighed indeed-yet again!!Wonder which country's next? This year,even the quakes are recurring with startling regularity.*says a silent prayer*
The ongoing IPL drama-well,my guess is-the politicians have suddenly realized that they didn't receive their slice of the pie, from the multi-millions the tournament has attracted..hence all this dram.