Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bragging rights:

"The Final Chapter", a translation of the original story in Gujarati by Pravinsinh Chavda titled "Antim Adhyay", is online at 91st Meridian.
Also: An essay, "looking for a patli gali, an urban footpath"

91st Meridian is the journal of the international writing program at the University of Iowa.


Feels good.


Tamanna Mishra said...

Saw. Read. Loved. Congratulations! You make me very proud! :-)

Anonymous said...


Das ist wirklich gut! Ich freue mich für Dich! Bravo!

I found what you have to say about translating very illuminating! Very true! Its goddam hard work to learn them words!
(Its like cooking: Anyone has a different taste and you have to imagine the whole!)
I sometimes think we do too much, too much considerationess, to much thoughtfullness - just SLAP it onthescreen as is!
But that's what separatesdivides the translator from the primary author - all the connections and relations he may have thought of - or not! -, the translator has to see, understand.
To decide.
I could NOT translate poems or stories written in my own real language into another one, be it English or German, Hochdeutsch that is. Too complicated. Too near.

Yes its silly, but seeing you printed and published there makes me, well, proud. HA! I'm a fool, but now a happy one!

PQ said...

Heartiest Congratz Austy!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Way to go. Will be back to read it :-) Once again wow!!!

manuscrypts said...

cool, i say :)

AmitL said...

Hey,wow-had a quick read,and will read again on the Fri holiday...congrats..and,what a great caption they've given to you- @ ur translations,work,...:)

austere said...

Tamannna- Thank you.Much.

mago the magician-Shukriya. Thank you.
Yes, the weight of the word. And the sheer responsibility that rests with the translator.
Too complicated, too near- If you do not translate, who will?
The world loses out, voices are lost if unheard, worse they are misinterpreted, are they not?
The poet Dilip Chitre called this "the debt to one's mother tongue"- such a heavy inexhaustible burden-- one can only try.
There is this line from "A string of words": on her face she had the sweat of honest labor, the dust of a farmer tired but content after a hard day in the field.
It captures how I feel. :)

I'm speechless at your being proud.

PQ- thank you. :)

manuji- thank you.

Amit- caption I have only given. AND that para at the top abt the donor for some program is their doing.
but thank you.

mark said...

how special this is Mira...thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Hello? All right?

austere said...

mark- thank you.

mago- thank you. posted.