Thursday, April 08, 2010

A profusion of bougainvillea on the wall, and overhead a branch with yellow blooms tumbling over, looking like what I think grape on a wine would look like.

Every season has its charms. or so I told myself, when it was inordinately hot this morning.

Excellent essay on practice, sharpening one's craft:

And I go back to the blank page.


Anonymous said...

Excuse me please, I really have to beg for your pardon.
But your last sentence made me smile.

(Have to write a kind of article, now ... Now - but it does not start ... so I go back to the blogs.)

PQ said...

That article is so powerful. I have never thought of habit/ practice that way. Austy thanks for the wonderful recommendations on your site. Not only is your write up a treat, but the one's you link too.

And did you click pic of bougainvillea?

Tamanna Mishra said...

I beg your pardon too, on "Every season has its charms."

Only you can make summers sound so beautiful :D

Thanks for the link :)

Anil P said...

I hardly get to see bougainvillea here after leaving Goa many years ago. Would love to see a picture of the bougainvillea here. And I hope it's reaching over a freshly painted white compound wall.

AmitL said...

Ahaa-Austy,so true- finally, I hear some praising the summer season-everyone around has otherwise been going on about how hot it is..if only they could see the beauty of the mornings, the flowers,et al..:)
Will read the essay soon..clicked the link and find it's beginning quite interesting.:)

Arunima said...

i can imagine the flowers. It's beautiful.

austere said...

mago: so did you complete your article, sir?

pq- here you are! phone camera pic added. you're welcome. I got to this via twitter.

tamanna: :) magar sach baat hai ki nahi?

anil: its on a weathered, age-old stone wall. The park I walk in is lovely, only you have to keep saying "side, side".

amit: flowers. then the birds wake up early, so you can wake up early. then scents and fragrances such as the mogra and chanel.

arunima; :) tell me abt a north east morn. someday am going there.

Tamanna Mishra said...

aap ke writing mein sach hi lagta hai.. zabardast imagery hai.. :)

lekin humko real life mein bougainvillea se zaada garmi ka "ehsaas" (long time no hear that word! :D) hota hai :D

Anonymous said...

Finally I did.

shiv said...

i followed the link on practice.. it was great... if you havent so far, you should see the movie Legend of Bagger Vance... I had seen it ( parts of it) at a leadership workshop with all the insights it gives being elucidated by a motivational expert. The resource person called it the "Gita of Golf", and drew attention to the uncanny resemblance of Bagger Vance to bhagawan, and Rannulph Junah to Arjuna!! The movie is a must see. Though it talks about golf, it is more about how to handle life and discover oneself

austere said...

Tamanna-- Baroda is at a crisp 42 degrees. Just thinking of that makes Bombay feel cooler.

Mago- :D

Shiv- will look for that. Thanks for the tip.

PQ said...

Cool Austy...these flowers brought back some old memories of childhood :-)...thanks for posting