Friday, June 27, 2008

What bugs you?

That was the writing prompt this week. Interesting reactions, how they vary around the world.

Of course, as a country we tolerate entirely too much.

July 26, 2005 memories of the deluge.

So what bugs you?


Portia said...

the people i love who are lost.

the variety of reaction is what i love about the 'readers write' section of The Sun.


not forgiving.

Baby Island said...

Deadbeat Dads.

norrbu said...

this one i didn't understand. but the others, all of them, are profound. philosopher stuff, deep to the neck and all real.

austere said...

So many reasons.. thank you.

This one, Norrbu? Different people have different thresholds. What I may adjust to willingly or even welcome, you might abhor, is it not?

Interesting. So flexible the human nature is.

Me, philosophy and rasoi cooking? Nah. :)

soleil said...

hmm. 16-hour flights and the money i have to pay for them. hehe. that, i have 2 homes and one heart to fit them both in. :)

in other news - tickets have been booked. oct 19th - jan 12th. he-haw.

austere said...

Nah sweety. That's not bug-worthy.
Jaldi chalo ney!