Tuesday, June 17, 2008

387 words, and done. Unlike last week. There always is time, always. Time is a construct, someone said. A patli gali, a jugaad. Now for the crit deluge. Feels awful when I don’t.


Anonymous said...

Three hundred and eighty-seven words does not seem like much, but then how hard did you have to beat them out of the ether to make them flow?

Hope you are are well!

sanguine said...

LOL @ 85% discount ...
did you go or not :))

austere said...

Ah proxima!Ask not. No screaming tyres, no shattering glass, no whizstle of bullet. A happily ever after, slighty O Henry-ish.

sanguine! tareekey key kapdey aur hum ! ram ram! anarth! :)

sathya said...

Hi Aust,
Where is the text? roughpad?


austere said...

Nah. Not on roughpad, will mail.
How is it going?